Carrying Out Playground Surface Testing

playground surface testing australia

The only professional way to ensure that a playground or soft fall playground surface testing in Australia area provides shock absorbing properties and complies to carry out animpact on the material on site.Kico offers its playground surface testing Australia services wideand we carry out our tests directly on the playground surface with minimal disruption and nodamage to the existing surface or materials.Kico is NATA accredited to provide playground superficialtesting for all on-site surfaces, giving you, the customer, the confidence that we only offerprofessional expertise and service.

There are numerous options for testing materials

  • Pine bark materials
  • Sand materials
  • Loose fill materials
  • Artificial grass systems
  • Wet pour rubber systems
  • Rubber mats, bricks or tiles

Kico is an NSW based company and specialises in playground safety. Safetymaterial impact test (soft fall) is suitable for municipalities, schools, kindergartens andcommercial customers. Playground surface testing Australiais carried out in accordance with the testingprocedures outline, in accordance with Australian Standards, Department ofEducation and DOCS requirements. We also offer drop testing services and we are fully insuredand provide dollars cover. We are fully insured and offer many dollars incoverage. We recommend that everyone in your company in charge of keeping an eye on and maintaining the playground area also take a moment to review the playground.

Specializedplay areareview and testing over Australia

Meanwhilemany years, Kico has been vigorouslycomplicated in parkcarereview in Australia and are recognized as a leader in this ground. Whileconstructed in Sydney, we offer our specializedplay area safety examination services countrywide. Kico is NATA official to test, inspect and certify bothplaying fields and surfaces. We are also accredited as side by side 3 auditors of Sydne. Kico is the NATAqualified Australian companyoffering playground safety examination and challengingfacilities for both gear and superficialmaterials. Kicotoo represents NATA as a boardingassociate Playground Committee,script and informing the present Australian Valuescast-off by our manufacturingoverMoralsAustralia.Our kids! We carry out a extensivevariety of reviewsincluding drop tests and surface tests. Keep play areainnocentis our goal and heavy force todeliver safe and fulfilling playgrounds for children. Playing outdoor in the natural air can be fun and audacious, especially when there are close companions. With cautious preparation, play conditions can be both testing and safe for youngsters. The patio or nearby jungle gym gives heaps of extension to run, climb, swing, investigate and play nonexistent games.Climbing can be fun however the high drops can expand the gamble of injury. Given their own existence, most youngsters will securely and bit by bit increment the distance they can climb. For more information visit our website: