Depression Is Dangerous




We are living in a stressful time. Nearly everyone person is under pressure due to many reasons. Like some is stressing out due to the financials issues, due to their or their relationships. Long exposure to these types of stress can easily lead to depression. Depression can be said to be the mother of all the problems or diseases. Any person who is depressed starts losing the faith in their self and that is a dangerous state. Depression is one of the leading diseases that is affecting people most and the other risk factor is that people usually don’t realize that they are in depression before it is too late. The best way to overcome depression is that whenever you feel stressed for a longer period or unable to focus on anything, just go for depression counselling in Oakleigh. Even getting angry on small matters can be a sign of depression, anger management therapy can also help you to find out the depression issues in you. Depression can be very dangerous that leads to many physical and mental issues. The best way to keep yourself safe from depression is regular depression counselling.  

Depression counselling can be a life changer and save your life, too. The first thing that will lead to depression is getting angry at everything even people are usually angry at themselves. If you are unable to control your anger, then this is the first sign of depression. The right way is to go for anger management therapy as if you will be ignoring your anger issues, that will take you to depression. Even if you start feeling lost or tired, go for depression counselling because precaution is better than medicine. Depression is one of the worst diseases, get dangerous with every passing day. Here are some repercussions of depression. 

Heart Disease: 

Nowadays, we say that young people are getting into heart disease and when the reasons are dig out, that is often due to depression. Depression increases the risk of heart attack by nearly 20% and that is usually due to odd lifestyle and anger management issues. As when you will be depressed, you will be smoking, drinking or taking depression medicines etc. These all can lead to heart disease 


This is the general behaviour when you will be stressed, you will eat. But this is a sign of depression also because eating helps to lower your depression. But excess eating will increase your weight. Nowadays, depression is the number one reason for obesity and with increasing weight, depression increases. In depression counselling, people are told to change their lifestyle and the first thing is their eating habits. For more info, please log on to


People usually find their relief from depression in drugs, even for anger management, people like to use drugs. But instead of making anything better, the drugs can easily lead to serious mental and health problems.