Factors To Consider When Renting A 2-Bedroom Apartment


We rent out a house when we have to stay some where for a short time. The reason of stay could be anything and it is not a hard and fast rule that we have to live in a hotel room. We can stay in a hotel room but it would become expensive if we have to stay for a month or two, renting a 3 bedroom apartments in Broadway is comparatively affordable. It is better to rent a 2-bedroom apartment if we are moving with kids as we can’t compromise on privacy of kids as well parents.

The Factors:

We have packed bags and ready to move for a short term. We have in mind that we will be needing an apartment for best 2 bedroom apartments in Haymarket. At the same time, we need to consider a few factors which are given below.

Fully Furnished Bed Room:

If we are going to rent an apartment for a short term then it is decided that we won’t buy anything for that place as it is not our own place and it would be a silly mistake if we buy something for that house to decorate or any other purpose. So, we want an apartment that already has everything available in it. All the basic things that we need in our home should be there. A bed set, wardrobe, lamps, dressing table available. In washroom, a separate shower cabin, workings tap, wash basin, hanger for keeping clothes etc.


It is as important as having a bed in apartment. Without a working kitchen, we can’t survive with kids at new place. When we have young kids, they become cranky at new places and irritate aloo. They would cry their lungs out for anything even in the middle of a night. A working kitchen is always satisfying their needs as we can make them anything they want at any time. Kitchen utensils and crockery should be available. There would be enough gas that we can cook easily. A fridge and a dining table should also be there.

Washing Machine:

When we have small kids with us, they change like 3-4 dresses a day. We can’t keep a pile of dirty clothes. We need to wash them once a week. We can’t give them to laundry as it would charge them high prices. A working washing machine and a hanger to dry clothes shall also be available in an apartment. So, whenever we feel washing clothes, we can do so.

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